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Grace Weekly January 24-28 , 2021

Upcoming Events

School Cleaners January 28 – Konway February 4 – Bomber Sunday, January 30 Bible Class/Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Church 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, February 1 Student Fair Note Cards due grades 4-8 Monday, February 14 Valentine’s Day party Monday, February 21 Presidents’ Day NO SCHOOL Sunday, February 20 ***Sing in church***

Memory Work

Hymnology: Due Mon., Jan. 31 TLH #27: O Bless the Lord My Soul Gr. K: v. 2 Gr. 1-2: v. 2-3 Gr. 3: v. 3 Gr. 4-8: v. 3-4 Bible Passages: Due Wed., Feb. 2 Gr. K: Ps. 51:10 Gr. 1: Gal. 3:26 Gr. 2: Matt. 22:39; Rom. 6:23 Gr. 3: Eph. 4:32; Matt. 19:6 Gr. 4: Col. 2:17; Ps. 122:1 Gr. 5: John 1:29; Matt. 1:21 Catechism: Due Fri., Feb. 4 The First Article, highlighted portion

Friday Fun

Go it it it it

Friday Notes

  • We will have our Valentine’s Day party on February 14. The children are asked to make some kind of Valentine box for collecting the cards that will be shared. It does not have to be fancy. About a week before the party, Mrs. Hein will email a list of all of the children’s names so that no one gets left out. If you have any questions, please speak to one of the teachers.
  • This week the 3rd and 4th graders had to design and write a menu for reading class. The names of their restaurants were so clever that we wanted to share them with our readers: Almost Famous Bob’s Burgers (made with care) Tavia’s Torpedo No No Square Rest David’s Diner – Quality Food sponsored by KFC Elsie’s Exquisite Expense Roran’s Famous Steakburgers and Frozen Custard Riley’s Rodeo

Last Week’s Friday Fun

1. glance 3. glance 4. glance 5. glance Answer: Without a second glance