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Grace Lutheran School operates under a set of guidelines established by the Board of Christian Education and the Principal which are published in the school handbook.  This document is reviewed on an annual basis and updated when needed. 

Grace Lutheran School is located in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, MN.We have provided outstanding education to students in kindergarten through 8th grade for over 25 years.Our low student/teacher ratio ensures individual attention when learning the “basics” of a quality education.Students have consistently scored higher than the national and Minnesota average on standardized tests.We consider Christian education to be the most complete education available, dealing with all aspects of the individual–soul, mind, and body.

The purpose of Grace Lutheran School is to assist parents with the Christian education of their children. This task involves the application of God’s inspired and inerrant Word throughout the school day.Children need to be trained in the way they should go, namely, in the Lord’s way. Therefore, children need the correction, guidance, discipline, security, and comfort which only God’s Word can give.

At Grace, it is our goal that the children entrusted to our care grow in the knowledge and love of their Savior from sin, and become useful citizens in this life.In order to serve the Lord with their abilities and talents, the students at Grace are taught that they have good reason to learn of God’s orderly creation and of God’s continual working in the affairs of the world around us. What better reason for learning to communicate well than to share God’s Word of peace and promise with others.