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Grace Weekly January 18-22, 2021

Upcoming Events

School Cleaners January 22 – Rinne January 29 – Ude Next Week’s Daily Cleaners: Monday- Nelson Tuesday – Oman Wednesday – Rinne Thursday – Ude Friday – Vandeveer Sunday, January 24 Bible Class/Sunday School
9:00 a.m.
Church 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, January 26 Grades 3-8: Student Fair topics chosen Friday, February 12 Valentine’s Day party Monday, February 15 Presidents’ Day NO SCHOOL

Memory Work

Hymn: Due Mon., Jan. 25 TLH 355: Thou Art the Way, to Thee Alone Gr. K-2: v. 1-2 Gr. 3-8: all Bible Passages: Due Wed., Jan. 27 Gr. K: Is. 41:10 Gr. 1: Rom. 6:23 Gr. 2: James 4:11; John 8:44 Gr. 3: Luke 11:28; 1 Cor. 14:40 Gr. 4: Gal. 6:7; Matt. 18:11 Gr. 5: Gal. 6:7; Matt. 7:15 Catechism: Due Fri., Jan. 29 10th Commandment

Friday Fun

Why did the firefly get bad grades on his report card?

Friday Notes

  • Would you like to help with the Valentine’s Day party on Friday, February 12? If so, please let Mrs. Hein know.
  • The student fair was introduced this week. We will be doing a history fair with the emphasis on explorers. The students should have their topics chosen by Tuesday, January 26.

Last Week’s Friday Fun

What did the librarian use for bait when she went fishing? Answer: a bookworm