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Grace Weekly Jan. 28 – Feb. 1, 2019

Upcoming Events

School Cleaners
February 2 – Wales
February 9 – Wales

Sunday, February 3
Bible Class/Sunday School 9:00 a.m.

Church 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, February 10

Sing in church

Friday, February 15
Book orders due
Valentine’s Day party

Monday, February 18
President’s Day
March 8-13
Spring Break

March 8-10
CLC Grade School Basketball Tournament
Eau Claire, WI

Memory Work

Hymn: Due Mon., Feb. 4
TLH #279: Today Thy Mercy Calls Us
Gr. K: v.2
Gr. 1: v.2
Gr. 2: v. 3-4

Gr. 3-8: v. 3-4

Bible Passages: Due Wed., Feb. 6
Gr. K: Rom. 8:28
Gr. 1: Ps. 106:1
Gr. 2: Rom. 3:20; Rom. 3:23
Gr. 3: Rom. 12:20; Eph. 4:32
Gr. 4: Ps. 103:1-2; Col. 2:17
Gr. 5: Is. 7:14; John 1:29

Catechism: Due Fri., Feb. 8
1st Article (highlighted portion)



Friday Fun

It has eyes that cannot see, a tongue that cannot taste, and a soul that cannot die. What is it?


Friday Notes

  • The following information comes from a parent at Grace: With the Student fair coming up I wanted to share an amazing resource with you if you haven’t already discovered it. The Northtown Library has fantastic Children’s Librarians! Theresa Schroeder is the main Children’s Librarian and she is a wealth of information, although the other librarians are just as amazing!

    For those of you struggling to find resources for your child’s topic that are reliable and are from a variety of mediums, please ask the librarians at Northtown (or your closest library). If you are a member of the library you have access to some amazing online resources. There is a section on the Anoka County Library website for Children’s homework help! You can access biographies of any number of people along with news articles, magazine articles, interviews, newscasts, books, peer reviewed journals, etc. There are even images, videos, audio clips to help enhance your child’s research. And guess what? There is even a section to get the bibliography info in whatever format you need! I know that’s a huge help to me as a parent trying to help my child with a bibliography when I haven’t done one since college!

    I highly recommend checking out the website and even going in to the library and asking about this resource if you (and your child) need some help during the student fair!

    You can email Theresa at or call the library at 763-324-1505 The library website is and the link for Children’s Homework page help:

  • Singing dates for the rest of the school year:
    • Sunday, February 10
    • Sunday, March 17
    • Sunday, April 14 (Palm Sunday mini concert)
    • Friday, April 19 (Good Friday)
    • Sunday, April 21 (Easter)
    • Sunday, May 19 (Confirmation)
    • Sunday, May 26 (8th grade Graduation)


Last Week’s Friday Fun

I have no life, but I can die, what am I? Answer: a battery