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Grace Weekly January 23-27, 2017

Upcoming Events Memory Work
Hymn: TLH #37 (Due Mon., Jan. 30)
School Cleaners Gr. 1-8: v. 3
January 28 – Oman
February 4 — Pearson
Bible Passages: (Due Wed., Feb. 1)
Sunday, January 29 Gr. John 1:29
Sunday School/Bible Class 9:00 a.m. Gr. Matt. 22:39; Rom. 6:23
Church 10:00 a.m. Gr. Ps. 103:1-2; Col. 2:17
Gr. Is. 7:14; John 1:29
Tuesday, January 31
Student Fair topic due Catechism: (Due Fri., Feb. 3)
The Conclusion to the Commandments
February 14 (part 2)
Valentine’s Day Party
(kindergarten day)
Friday, February 17 ___________________________________
Book orders due Kindergarten –
Hymn: TLH #37: (Due Mon., Jan. 30)
Monday, February 20 v. 1
President’s Day
NO SCHOOL Bible Passages: (Due Thurs., Feb. 2)
Psalm 51:10
March 10-13
CLC Grade School Catechism: (Due Thurs., Feb. 2)
Basketball Tournament The Conclusion to the Commandments
NO SCHOOL (highlighted portion)


Friday Fun

I have three letters. I read the same forward and backwards. I know you’ll get the answer, I know you’ll see. It’s a word that is important to you and me. What am I?


Friday Notes

    Answer to last week’s Friday Fun: I’m the start of nothing and the end of sun and I’m also in the number one What am I? Answer: The letter “n”

  • Are you able to help with the Valentine’s Day party on February 14? The parents signed up to do the party are still looking for help. If you did not help with the Christmas party, please consider giving a few hours of your time. If you are able to help, please contact Mrs. Hein, Laura Wales, or Heidi Nelson.
  • The students will be exchanging Valentine cards at the Valentine’s Day party. In preparation for this, they are asked to make a Valentine’s box. They may use shoe boxes or other boxes, ice cream buckets, bags, or other containers. These may be brought to school on Monday, February 13.
  • Please make sure that if you are paying tuition that you are keeping up on your payments. A letter was sent home after Christmas reminding everyone of their remaining payments. If you don’t remember what yours was or if you want an update, please ask Mrs. Hein.
  • Box Tops for Education need to be sent in at the end of February. Our November submission was the least amount that we have had in years. If you have been saving the Box Tops or have family members who are saving them for us, please send them to school within the next few weeks. We use this money to pay for field trips and other things throughout the year.