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Grace Weekly January 9-13, 2017

Upcoming Events Memory Work
School Cleaners Hymn: TLH #346: Jesus! And Shall it Ever Be
January 14 – Nelson Gr. 1-2: v. 4-5
January 21 – Oman Gr. 4-8: v. 4-5
Sunday, January 15 Bible Passages:
Sunday School/Bible Class 9:00 a.m. Gr. 1: Rom. 5:12
Church 10:00 a.m. Gr. 2: Gal. 5:13; John 3:6
Gr. 4: Ps. 50:15; 1 Thess. 5:17
Monday, January 16 Gr. 5: Luke 2:11; John 21:17
Parent/Teacher conferences
NO SCHOOL Catechism:
10th Commandment
January 18 & 19
Kindergarten days
Sunday, January 22 ___________________________________
Sing in church Kindergarten –
(Jesus! And Shall it Ever Be) Hymn: TLH #346: Jesus! And Shall it Ever Be
January 23, 25, 26 v.1
Kindergarten days
(Jan. 25 – pajama party) Bible Passages:
Eph. 6:1
February 14
Valentine’s Day Party Catechism:
(kindergarten day) 10th commandment


Friday Fun

I’m sometimes white, but most often I’m black; I take you there, but never bring you back. What am I?



Friday Notes

      Answer to last week’s Friday Fun: Some might say we are red, some might say we are green; Some play us; some spray us; And sometime our color is in between. What are we? Answer: peppers


  • Clarification: Parents, please remember that when you have a child that will not be at school due to illness or any other reason, you are asked to please inform Mrs. Hein before school. Also, the parents are the ones that should contact Mrs. Hein. Please don’t leave that up to a sibling.
  • Report cards were sent home today. Please sign and return the envelope. If you have not scheduled a conference for Monday yet, please do so ASAP. The student fair topic will be introduced at the conferences.
  • Due to the fact that there is no school on Monday next week, kindergarten days next week will be Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Please remind your children to make sure that they have the appropriate winter wear when they come to school. We have had several children forgetting, and although we do have some extra hats, gloves and even some snow pants, if too many people forget at once, we may not have enough.
  • Kindergarten parents please take note that there is an added day on January 25 for the kindergarten pajama party. There will also be hot lunch that day for all of the students.
  • On March 10-12, the CLC will be holding its annual Grade School Basketball tournament in Eau Claire, WI. This is for grades 5-8. If you are interested in having your children participate or if you want more information, please let Mrs. Hein know. You may also look at the tournament website at: