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Grace Weekly January 18-22, 2016

Upcoming Events Memory Work
Hymn: (Due Mon., Jan. 25)
School Cleaners LSB #429: We Sing the Praise of Him
January 23 – A. Baker Who Died
January 30 – A. Baker 1: v.1
3-4: v. 1-2
Sunday, January 24 5-8: v. 1-3
Sunday School/Bible Class 9:00 a.m.
Church 10:00 a.m. Bible Passages: (Due. Wed., Jan. 27)
1: Rom. 5:12
Thursday, January 28 3: Acts 5:29; Ps. 31:15
Field Trip to Mill City Museum 4: John 16:23; Matt. 7:7
5: Heb. 13:8; John 1:3
Monday, February 1
Parent/Teacher Conferences Catechism: (Due Fri., Jan. 29)
NO SCHOOL 2nd Article – highlighted portion
Friday, February 12
Valentine’s Day Party ___________________________________
Kindergarten –
Monday, February 15 Hymn: (Due Mon., Jan. 25)
President’s Day We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died
Bible Passages: (Due Thurs., Jan. 28)
Matt. 18:11
Catechism: (Due Thurs., Jan. 28)
1st Article


Friday Fun

I have six faces but not even one body connected, 21 eyes but cannot see. What am I?


Friday Notes

  •  Last Friday Fun:
    When it comes to me, you go on red and stop on green. What am I?
    Answer: Watermelon
  •  Report cards will be handed out early next week. After you have received yours, please sign the envelope and return it to school. Also, please let Mrs. Hein know what time works for your conferences on February 1. The times that are available are between 8:30 and 2:00. Please plan on 15min./child.
  •  We do not currently have many working vacuum cleaners so the vacuuming has not been always getting done after school. When it is your weekend to clean, please make sure to vacuum all of the rooms.
  •  Our field trip is next Thursday, January 28. Permission slips will be sent home along with the report cards. Please sign and return those also. We will probably be leaving school around 9:00 a.m. Plan on sending a sack lunch (all disposable items) with your children the day of the field trip. That way we do not have to worry about bringing anything back with us.
  •  Friday, February 12 is our Valentine’s Day party. Hot lunch will be served. Valentine cards and collection boxes may be brought anytime that week.


For the Record

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Kathleen: I want to be a marine corps dog handler.